Where it all began

About Us

Spiritato came to be when two European liquor enthusiasts, passionate about bringing the Mediterranean spirit to Australian gin, embarked on a journey to infuse their rich heritage with the finest Australian botanicals. Julian and Luigi have committed themselves to bringing the essence of the Mediterranean to Australia.

The Principles

Distilling Philosophy

By combining premium, locally sourced botanicals, their favourite selection of Mediterranean flavours, and pure spring water derived from the Adelaide Hills, Spiritato became the meeting point between authentic Australian craft and pure European soul. With hearty Italian influences, this Australian produced artisanal gin will whisk you away to the dolce vita.

The meaning behind the name

Raise your glass, raise up your spirit!

«In Italian, “Spiritato” and “Shpirt” in Albanian means both possessed by a spirit and spirited. At heart, they’re possessed by the ‘Spirit’ of gin, alcohol that originates from the vapour collected during the alchemical art of distilling. Spiritato can also mean “Spirited”, with vigour and fiery European passion being characteristics that are infused into every product they lovingly craft.»

  • 100% Organic Botanicals
    We have searched for the most sustainable organic botanicals for our Gins.
  • Locally Foraged
    Australia's biodiversity is both rich and unique providing the perfect spot to sustainably source our botanicals.
  • Unique Blend of Flavours
    The perfect fit for your G&T or for your classy & upscale drinks.
  • Grape Based
    Distilled from locally sourced grapes.